Prizes you can win



It is advised that you read the Instructions page carefully. For exact prize money and entry fees for ongoing matches, please check the Schedules & Registration page for the respective games, as prizes and prices change from time to time.


The team/individual who wins the chicken dinner for the game is eligible for this prize. This prize varies from 2000.00 INR to 25000.00 INR.

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This prize is for teams/individuals who rank in the top 3. This prize varies from 200.00 INR to 2000.00 INR depending on the Entry Fee you are willing to pay. For people who rank 4th and 5th will be eligible to play the next match for free (In case they win the next match default entry fee they will be rewarded according to the minimum entry fee. To increase the winnings the person will have to pay.) .

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This prize is for the team/individual with the highest kills. In case where two or more teams/individuals have same number of highest kills, the prize money will be split.

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Collectibles & Gaming Gear
Includes mementos, keychains, headphones, Gaming keyboards & mouses, posters, mugs and many more

These collectibles and gaming gear are provided every month and monthly winners get out premium prizes. To win these, you must participate in as many matches as you can in each month.

Clothing & Cosplay Costumes
Includes Armor Vests, Backpacks, Ghillie Suit, Weapon Replicas, T-Shirts, Hoodies and many more

These clothing items are provided every month. To win these, you must participate in as many matches as you can in each month.

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