Win. Repeat.

The best place to play PUBG Mobile win exiting Hampers and Real Cash Prizes


You think you are the best PUBG player out there? But so do 99 others. This is your chance to prove them wrong.
Welcome to Crunch. Here, at Crunch, our aim is to find the best gamers in India, and show them the country's love and support. We look forward to finding gamers who would represent India at Global Gaming Events. Are you the one?

To move forward with this, as our first step, we are launching PUBG Mobile Tournaments, which will be held everday according to their respective schedules. These tournaments have an entry fee, and the winners get amazing cash prizes ranging from 2000.00 INR to 25000.00 INR, alongwith cool merchandise and hamper packs to show off their gaming style.

So crunch your hands up and get ready to show your gaming skills to the rest of the world.


Registration process

Three Simple Steps


Go to the Schedules & Registration Page and Register yourself for the respective match by paying the entry fee and providing the neccessary details. Do not forget to read the Instructions & T&C Page.



Get your strategies for the game ready. You will need them to win the best of the prizes. In the meanwhile, we will be contacting you and providing you the ROOM ID & PASSWORD for the game. You will be added to a whatsapp group/notified by email, as per your choice, which you will be providing on the Registrations Page.



That's it! Welcome to the club! All you need to do now is play, and win!